Surepoint Lending Extortionist

Irvine, California 0 comments
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Surepoint Lending is a bunch of crooks.They provide you a GFE that is meant for someone with perfect credit, yet promise that you qualify for that loan.

They also promise to close in 2-3 weeks. In my case they drag my loan process to over 5 weeks until my escrow deadline. Then say my credit did not qualify for the quoted rate 3 days before close of escrow. My credit did not change from when they gave me the GFE until the closing date.

During the whole process they ensure me that the loan would clear with lots of time to spare and that my rate was locked. As added insult they tack on a $2085 fee to relock my rates, because the 30 day lock period had expired.

I ask to float or lock in at the market rate, but they said that was not possible.Pure extortion because they know I have to close or loose my deposit in escrow.

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